About LDGH

The Laboratory of Human Genetic Diversity (LDGH)’s research integrates concepts and tools of population genetics, genetic epidemiology, bioinformatics and functional genetics. The overarching objective is to enhance our understanding of evolution and the genetic bases of complex traits and diseases, with an emphasis on immune-related genes and their influence on infection and cancer. We have a particular interest in native and admixed populations of Latin America in the context of global human genomic diversity.

We are located at the Department of Biology of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil).


We were at the SMBE 2015 in Vienna (July 12-16th)

30/6: PhD Defense of Moara Machado (Bioinformatics). Committee: Sandro de Souza (UFRN), Cláudio Struchiner (FIOCRUZ-RJ), Sérgio Pena (UFMG), Renan Pedra (UFMG)

News and Highlights

Our article on Origin and Dynamics of Admixture in Brazilians and its effect on the pattern of deleterious mutations was published in PNAS. Congratulations to the LDGH and EPIGEN-Brazil investigators!

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