About LDGH

The Laboratory of Human Genetic Diversity (LDGH) overarching goal is to enhance our understanding of genetic diversity and the genetic bases of complex traits and diseases in native and admixed populations from Latin America. We integrate concepts and tools of population genetics, genetic epidemiology, computational biology and functional genetics to achieve this goal.

We are located at the Department of Biology of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil). Our posdocs and graduate students are from the Graduate Programs in Genetics and Bioinformatics.


Master's thesis defense of Marla Mendes de Aquino. Analysis of the sharing of segments identical by descent (IBD) as a tool to understand the homogenization and genetic flow of native Andean populations. 15 feb. 2018  - 10 am.

We are receiving Dr. Zsolt Balázs, an exchange student from the University of Szeged in Hungary. Dr. Balázs is a Ph.D. student in Molecular Genetics and will be with us until June 2018.

News and Highlights

New LDGH article from lead by Gilderlanio Santana and Maira R Rodrigues accepted in Bioinformatics:  Integrating, summarizing, and visualizing GWAS-hits and human diversity with DANCE (Disease ANCEstry Networks).

The last LDGH Journal Club: we discussed recent publications using Chromopainter/fine-Structure/Globetrotter.

Alex Mas from Cataluña, PhD student in Genetics at UFRGS, supervised by Maria Cátira Bortolini and David Comas, is at the LDGH for some weeks.

Our article on Origin and Dynamics of Admixture in Brazilians and its effect on the pattern of deleterious mutations was published in PNAS. Congratulations to the LDGH and EPIGEN-Brazil investigators!

Other EPIGEN publications: in Scientific Reports (self-reported race and ancestry in Brazil) and in EJHG (a minimum continental ancestry AIMs panel for Brazilians).

Roxana Zamudio article about Gastric Cancer in Peru is published in Digestive Diseases and Science (September).

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